Born in Georgia and raised in both New Zealand and the southern United States, I grew up being exposed to and inspired by a vast array of different arts and cultures.  I have always been a hands on learner who is driven by creativity, and this is part of what drew me to creating art with concrete.

        As an art student who has worked with endless media, nothing gets me going more than working with this incredible, versatile medium- from traditional cement to hemp-crete.  The creative potential is endless! I am passionate about reusing, recycling and repurposing, and hemp-crete has given me the opportunity to intertwine that with my drive to take the ordinary and create something extraordinary! 

       My father’s side of the family is comprised of builders and creators, and taught me that anything can be used as a tool as long as it gets the job done.  My mother’s side of the family gave me the gardening genes… and both sides gave me the determination, strength, and will (some may say stubbornness) to never give up. 

        I worked as a professional gardener for many years  and specialized in container gardens. This experience made me realize no matter how gorgeous a plant looked, if the pot did not have proper drainage, it was doomed - and that I could do a better job building containers to get the job done!  While visiting my family in New Zealand I shared this revelation with my boyfriend, now my husband, and drew out my plan in the sand right then and there… and thus, ModPot was born.

        Here we are a decade, some stubbornness, and two kids later - we are living in Colorado and I get to work my dream job!  It took persistence, a sincere and unapologetic love for the medium, and the encouragement of my loving, supportive family to get here, and I could not be more proud that I now have a platform to share my passion with others.  My mission is to make your house feel more like a home while keeping your mind at ease by creating timeless, functional works of art that are as gentle on the earth as they are on the eyes!

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